What heals the most?

Whatever puts patients first. So we focus on technology design that reduces response time, increases good communication, and keeps everyone comfortable and secure. Here are a few highlights from our work in health care facilities.


Pillow talk:
More powerful than a nurse call button.

It helps you rest more comfortably to know help will be there, even when you can’t reach for it. So how about a hands-free microphone and speaker, integrated right into your pillow?

See everyone.
Real Time Location Services.

It’s easier for staff to focus on patients when they know that everyone is safe. So the system unobtrusively tracks the location of every person in the hospital to make sure, for example, that no baby leaves the the building except in the arms of its parents.


Up to 85% fewer steps thanks to touchdown stations

Seventy-two steps from a patient’s room to the nurse’s station may not sound like that many, but it can be a world away if someone needs help. So we designed the technology for the touchdown work stations right outside patient rooms, so nurses are always just a heartbeat away.

Up to 7x faster response with instant communication

Doctors used to have to stop what they were doing to use a pager or mobile phone. Now, they can be in touch instantly, with hands-free, Wi-Fi communicators on lapels (yes, like the ones in Star Trek).