Next gen rehabilitation

Today’s correctional facilities are about dignity, which means healthy environments with trusting relationships between staff and inmates. Here are a few highlights from our work in designing secure, intuitive systems that enable this new paradigm.

Hands on, worry-free.
Mobile system control.

When staff aren’t tied to their posts, they can be out focusing on relationships with inmates, and seeing issues before they arise. Our design enables staff to control everything with mobile devices, from door-opening to video surveillance, so staff can be mobile themselves.

Instant backup:
True server reliability.

When crucial systems depend on a server, it needs to be reliable. Ours is designed to achieve true 99.99% uptime, better than anyone (well, other than NASA). That’s because we created a full virtual environment with backup servers that kick in in 128 milliseconds: three times faster than the blink of an eye. See for yourself.

Click “start.” Then as soon as she blinks, click “stop.” See if your reaction time beats our system.


See everything.
Total perimeter security.

To keep things secure on the outside, we design surveillance systems that use several types of cameras. Check out how thermal imaging, for example, can detect people even when it’s dark, rainy or foggy.

Ahead of its time:
Biometric identification.

The best security systems are always just a little ahead of the game. So one system we use is vascular identification, which scans not just the fingerprint, but the veins under it. You could say it’s the lifeblood of an environment with critical security needs.