Putting the human back into technology.

Aspyr was started by a group of people that has worked on thousands of technology projects, and wanted to use that experience to design solutions that people really love to use. We believe that when we listen to your goals, then solve problems in holistic ways, it also just happens to create serious competitive advantages.

We’ve always been a bit different.

Collectively, we’ve spent 375,421 hours making things since the time we were kids. Or thereabouts. Now we just happen to have engineering degrees, and the toys to design stuff we couldn't even have dreamed of.

It takes two to make a thing go right.

We start by learning about you: how you like to work, what your goals are and what you believe in. Then, there’s a spark. An idea. And with you, we refine it through, maybe, sketches, 3D models, prototypes. Together, we create a unique way to bring your vision to life, making your work more enjoyable and even extraordinary. You could say, we believe it takes two to make it out of sight.

Meet the leadership.


Technology Systems Architect


Corporate Accounting


Business Administration


Technology Consultant


Technology Consultant

It’s the big picture that matters, but sometimes the right acronym says more than a thousand words.


CompTIA Server and Certified Technician

Glorious and free.

Creating solutions that meet your unique needs is only possible when we aren’t tied to a particular product line. We value independence because it’s the only way to meet our goal of designing new and meaningful solutions that meet your goals.